Book Review: No Time Like Forever by Zoe York

No Time Like Forever (Wardham, #4)No Time Like Forever by Zoe York

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No Time Like Forever really hit the spot. I seek out blurbs that will satisfy a particular reading mood, and this one turned out to be a better fit than I could have imagined.

The author does a phenomenal job of creating chemistry between the two main characters, Chase and Mari. Although the former is initially referred to as Mr. Grumpy Pants, I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity and the depth of emotional growth that Chase demonstrates throughout the novel. Furthermore, I like that the author doesn’t saddle him with that cliché professional-athlete stereotype–you know, the one in which the individual in question is a promiscuous womanizer who can’t, or won’t, commit. Chase is a self-professed “one-woman guy,” and I like this fact about him.

And while Chase is a one-woman guy, he’s not an any-woman guy (an important distinction, I think). Although it takes him a while to come around, he recognizes a woman of substance in Mari, and I like his dedication to winning her over–whatever that takes.

Now, usually, the hero does something to tick me off during the narrative, at least once. When it comes to Chase, however, I don’t think I ever got mad at him. Perhaps, because this novel is written in third person and gives me glimpses into both characters’ minds, I knew he always had her best interests at heart.

The restraint he practices, time and time again, is unparalleled!

I should probably say some good things about Mari too, right? I genuinely liked her as well (although for me it was Chase who made this novel exceptional); Mari is strong, brave, and ambitious.

What I loved most about the novel is the dialogue between characters, their banter, and the manner in which these exchanges are described. They’re masterfully done, both honest and real, enabling me to picture the exchanges as if I were actually present to witness them firsthand.

This experience reading No Time Like Forever has persuaded me to pick up Zoe York’s other works! I highly recommend this one to fans of the new adult and romance genres.

*Copy generously provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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