(metaphorically) devouring Penny Reid

The Hooker and the HermitBeauty and the MustacheNeanderthal seeks Human

My latest obsession? Penny Reid.

I started The Hooker and the Hermit (a collaboration) on February 16 and finished a day later: LOVED IT.

I started Beauty and the Mustache on February 17 and finished it a day later: OBSESSED WITH IT. (Then I sent a print copy to my reading BFF, who should receive it tomorrow as an early birthday surprise.)

I picked up the free ebook copy of Neanderthal Seeks Human through Amazon and started it this morning. I haven’t gotten very far yet–had to work all day, ugh–but I can already tell it will be another winner.

Although I’m going about it backwards, I fully expect to purchase the rest of Reid’s “Knitting in the City” series. I simply cannot get enough of the author’s writing and characters!