Book Review: Good Girl by Lauren Layne

Good Girl (Love Unexpectedly, #2)Good Girl by Lauren Layne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved everything about Good Girl: the push and pull between its main characters, a fun and compelling secondary character (Finn), authentic sounding dialogue, Noah’s back story, Jenny’s occupation, and conflict in the form of unfounded rumors and one clingy, deluded ex.

Ultimately, Layne’s latest is the story of twenty-something characters discovering what they want out of life. Learning what it is that gives them a sense of purpose, and that reconciling one’s lifelong dream with another’s doesn’t mean either has to be given up.

Jenny Dawson is a country music singer who loves creating music, but doesn’t love the collateral damage that comes with being in the limelight. I loved reading about how specific experiences and even locations triggered her inspiration and creativity; I found her naiveté and innocence regarding other matters to be endearing.

Noah…well, he was a bit tougher to like. He had a chip on his shoulder that, while understandable and justified, made him come off as prickly. He dislikes Jenny on principle, based entirely what he assumes to be true about her. And because that image conflicts with his instant attraction to her, Noah does and says things that make him look like a grade-A jerk.

Nevertheless, Jenny sees the good in him that I, for one, wouldn’t have been able to. And that’s what made the read a deliciously complex one for me: waiting for the moment their existing dynamic—the one where he acts out and she forgives—wouldn’t work anymore.

On that note, the novel’s climax is perfect, a collision of both characters’ ultimate hang-ups/fears.

If you’re looking for a fresh new adult read, look no further! In addition to well-developed, believable characters, Good Girl has scorching chemistry and the perfect level of conflict and tension for the scope of its pages. Although the book can easily be devoured in one sitting, beware…because then there’s the problem of waiting on the next LL book to release. 😉

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