Book Review: A Will and a Way by Maggie Wells

A Will and a WayA Will and a Way by Maggie Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author Maggie Wells has a way with words. Her latest release, A Will and a Way, is no exception to the quality I’ve come to expect from her.

What I love about a Maggie Wells hero is his vulnerability. The chink in his armor. That brief flicker of insecurity or flash of doubt that reveals his humanity. In this title, for example, Will believes in fate (a refreshing character trait to find in a hero), but that doesn’t mean the object of his affection will necessarily reciprocate.

Cue Betty in her puffy coat—a style that has cycled back into favor recently, much like Betty’s own sense of self-worth.

What follows is a liberating storyline of self-discovery on the heroine’s part, which translates into finally standing up for what she wants out of life.

A change of scenery.
Holding her wandering, entitled son to a higher standard.
And, last but not least, a sexual awakening.

Cue Will in his “waffle-weave Henley.”

The dance between these two is nothing short of fun, feisty, and flaming hot. Elements such as quick-witted banter, a local nun, and office-place improprieties ramp up the title’s already unique “seasoned romance” aspect even further. As Will and Betty illustrate, vibrancy and romance have a place in all seasons of life, and it was a joy as a reader to be along for the ride.

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