Book Review: Hard Silence by Mia Kay

Hard Silence (Agents Undercover #2)Hard Silence by Mia Kay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rich characters and a compelling plot make Hard Silence a must-read for fans of romantic suspense!

Main characters Jeff and Abby will take readers on a wild, yet tender, ride. Although I didn’t remember either of them from Soft Target (it’d been a while since I read it), the duo rose to the challenge of being the manuscript’s front and center. Weeks since reading, and their story still resonates with me.

As much as I liked Jeff, Abby’s storyline is the real feature here. Daughter of a toxic mother, Abby suffers ongoing recriminations due to events beyond her control. Fear and guilt affect her ability to form new, trusting, and lasting relationships—an element of her character that made perfect sense to me considering her back story. As one with a soft spot for shelter animals, Abby’s fondness for rehabbing neglected pets won me over fairly early on. She’s a likable, selfless, and hard-working heroine.

Jeff is steady, considerate, and curious—the latter a valuable quality in his job as an FBI profiler. Nevertheless, his interest in temporary neighbor Abby goes beyond mere professional curiosity.

And when the personal and professional overlap? Well, that’s where action and emotion ramp up!

• The flickers of jealousy between the two MCs were fun for me. Even though there’s some serious stuff going on, these flashes of insecurity revealed their emotional vulnerability.
• I loved reading and learning about the villain. Hadn’t read anything quite like that before.
• Although Gray and Maggie, protagonists from Soft Target, made brief cameos in this installment of Agents Undercover, as secondary characters they didn’t overpower the narrative (which is one of my pet peeves in series with interconnected characters).

Loved it! Fresh elements and relatable, likable characters made Hard Silence a page-turner for me. For readers who like a side of sweet with their suspense, Mia Kay’s latest deserves a spot on your TBR.

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