Book Review: Love & Rockets by Maggie Wells

Love & RocketsLove & Rockets by Maggie Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another gem from witty wordsmith Maggie Wells!

Third in the Coastal Heat series, Love & Rockets follows in the footsteps of the previous installments: the title can be read as a standalone romance, and it stands out among its peers as superbly written.

Maggie’s use of the English language never fails to amaze me. While reading, I often think: “Wow, I never would have thought to express __________ in that way.” Rather than watered down prose, her vocabulary and syntax challenge readers, giving credit to their intellect and/or powers of deduction.

Like the other titles in the Coastal Heat series, Love & Rockets features relatable, well-developed characters and sources of conflict that readers can identify with: family tensions, societal hierarchies, career demands, and—last but not least—the treacherous “dating” landscape.

A Maggie Wells hero has chinks in his armor, a source of vulnerability that makes him human (one of my favorite aspects of the author’s storytelling). Her heroines, on the other hand, wear pride and independence like a badge and struggle to admit when they need help. This dynamic, when aired with the author’s mastery of the craft, never fails to deliver a page-turner.

Finally, I found the aspects of Jake’s job to be well-researched, and I liked that the novel’s rhetorical devices (i.e. descriptions and comparisons) often revolved around the subject of space science. The latter adds an extra layer of “art” to an already well-written novel.

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