Taylon’s Back with Book Reviews!

Welcome to 2018! This is year three that I have set a word for myself, a goal to aspire to, a word that I want to live out daily. This year, it’s “intentional.” One thing I really want to do is be better at this blog. Holly does an amazing job of keeping it up, and I need to start pulling my own weight!

In order to do that, I’m going to blog twice a week: Tuesday Thoughts and Thursdays with Taylon. Tuesday Thoughts will consist of book reviews. Thursdays with Taylon will discuss book-related topics, such as authors, reading trends, etc.

And what a perfect time to start than on a snow day! I’ve read three books in the last few weeks, and here’s my reviews.

The Cinderella Arrangement by Vanessa Waltz

The Cinderella Arrangement by [Waltz, Vanessa]

Although I enjoyed the story, the editing errors drove me crazy. If you are looking for a good story that moves quickly, jumps right into content, and has a happily every after, it’s worth reading.

The characters were relatable and likeable. The story was a little far-fetched at times, but it was a good cleanser after reading The Ghostwriter. If you are in a funk or need a book hangover cure, I’d recommend this one. PLUS it comes with a part two that carries the story over. Personally, I like closure, so getting the second story included was a definite positive.

The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

The Ghostwriter by [Torre, Alessandra]
I’ve been putting off reading this story for months. I didn’t know if I was ready for it, but I decided to jump in and add it to my read list for 2018. I am so glad I did.

It’s twisted. It’s not a love story. It makes you think. It’s not a happily ever after, but it’s a good ending that brings closure and peace. The writing is superb. The story excellent. The characters are deep and well-developed. The foreshadowing is there, and if you really clue in, you’ll figure out what’s really eating the main character.

This was a book I wanted to skip ahead on, because I needed to know what was causing the guilt, what had happened that changed her. I’m glad I waited and let the story unfold on it’s own. It was totally worth it.

The anger, guilt, and fear felt so real–like this could really happen. I think that’s what I loved most about this story. I could understand the motivations, appreciate the friendship, and find peace in the ending.

I would highly recommend this book!!!

I’ll Be the One by Hazel James

I'll Be the One by [James, Hazel]

Holly and I met Hazel this summer, and I fell in love with her as a person. She was carefree, kind, and so much fun. I have been following her on Facebook since, and I’ve really grown to appreciate her honesty and courage. Honestly, I was afraid to read her book, because I didn’t know if I could write an honest, unbiased review.

I’m so glad I got the courage to read it!

In her first book, she does a great job of making you think. She has great dialogue and well-developed characters. Her take on young love is spot on; she makes you believe in it and reminds you how much your first love truly meant. She employs lots of foreshadowing with the psychic aspect, and while it has a very sad ending, it’s a good one I’d still consider a happily ever after. Warning: be prepared to cry!!

Hazel has gained a reader in me! I recommend everyone give her a chance!

DISCLAIMER: All ebooks were purchased by me through Amazon. I appreciate authors’ efforts immensely, and these comments reflect my reading preferences only.

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