Book Review: YOUNGER by Suzanne Munshower

YOUNGER deals with some fascinating concepts: cosmeceuticals, industrial espionage, and the (especially) American preoccupation with staying and looking “young.”

The “hook” seizes readers by thrusting them into the main character’s present-day life-or-death predicament, and then backtracks to the events and decisions that catapulted her there.

Almost solely career- and lifestyle-driven, the female protagonist is more understandable than likable at the novel’s outset. Her preoccupation with prestige (lifestyle, high-profile PR position, and fabricated family history) governs her decision-making, aided by a healthy dose of self-pity and insecurity.

In any case, readers like me will sympathize with her plight (likely concerned for our own futures) and will be curious about the promise of looking young—at will—while retaining the life experience and maturity that come with growing older.

Sophisticated references and a rich vocabulary characterize this author’s writing; I never doubted that I was reading high quality, well-researched, and thoroughly edited material.

Constructive feedback from my POV:

The pacing felt a tad off, with the middle sagging (as it does for the character at that point in the plot), and the finish speeding by with too many moving, far-fetched parts that simply didn’t do justice to the rest of the novel. Also, the too-frequent references as to what the protagonist was eating took me out of the story, as did the layer-by-layer outfit details when not integral to the scene.

YOUNGER successfully applies the “coming-of-age” theme to the atypical, older life stage through poignant realizations from the fifty-ish heroine–both during her treatment phase and beyond. Overall, the novel impressed me with its level of detail, intriguing subject matter, and exemplary character development.


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