Book Review: The Year of the Fog by Michelle Richmond



The Amazon blurb caught my attention, and the sale price of $1.99 made the one-clicking a no-brainer. But about five chapters in, I was ready to be done.

The main character, Abby Mason, is on the beach with her fiance’s six-year-old daughter, Emma. Abby looks away for less than a minute, and when she looks up, Emma is gone. Through the next year, the reader follows Abby through her experiences, her thoughts, and flashbacks. Even as others give up, she keeps looking for Emma.

I love this idea of this book. Girl loses fiance’s daughter. Fiance doesn’t know how to deal, how to forgive. Girl keeps looking, partly because she feels responsible, also because she doesn’t know what else to do with her life. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s one of my biggest fears: losing a child.

But the book did not hold my attention the way I wanted it. The back and forth chapters, the flashbacks to the most random moments from Abby’s childhood, etc. I just didn’t get it. I skimmed and skipped a lot of pages to get to the end. I wanted to know what happened, if Abby did find Emma, if she got a happy ending. I couldn’t walk away, but I also wasn’t stressing over reading all the details from Abby’s past.

Overall, the book isn’t a bad book. The story is a good, well-written story, with a plot line that makes you question and look at the world differently. For me, the story was just too slow. I do plan to give Michelle Richmond another chance. I enjoyed her narrative, and any author that can weave the past and present together the way she did deserves another chance.


*This title was purchased by me; this review was not solicited by anyone or exchanged for anything.

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