Can we just take a minute?

On this edition with Thursdays with Taylon, can we just stop? Take a minute. And breathe.

Holly and I are both school teachers. She is a professor; I’m a high school teacher. We love teaching. Holly gets to talk books all day; I spend my days talking photography, community relations, and technology. We both get to make connections with our kids and help them see “the bigger picture.” It’s a calling, and we both love our jobs.

While we each have our own struggles, yesterday’s school shooting put things back in perspective. Every day we go to school, we have the ability to impact a student–in a positive or negative way. We do our best to have positive interactions, but let’s face it, life happens. We fail. Although we are pretty close, we aren’t perfect. (haha)

This book blog we do, we do because we love it. We have found our “people.” But not all of our kids have. Kids across the world need a group to call home. We are lucky enough to have found like-minded people who love to chat books and characters and win some pretty awesome giveaways.

Next time you see someone who is struggling, reach a hand out. Find some common ground. Show compassion. Share a smile. Everyone needs love. We should share ours.

Thanks for being a part of our tribe!


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