October Reading Update

Here’s what I’ve read (or listened to) so far this month:

FIVE STARS (*****):
If you like thrillers at all, I highly recommend INFECTED by Scott Sigler.

Depending on time, I may do a separate review of this one: its brilliantly written, action-packed journey demands readers’ full attention.

FOUR STARS (****):
Ghost hunting on spring break? Sign me up!
Since I hadn’t read YA in a while, dipping into that genre again was a fun endeavor.


Because I typically love any entertainment that’s asylum-themed, Ibsen’s straightforward title and creepy book cover reeled me in. Unfortunately, not much happens in this book–instead, it felt like the back story or extended prelude to another book (and from what I can tell, there are at least two more books in the series). Disappointment aside, I worked as an adjunct instructor for a few years, so that angle was fun to read about from another’s perspective.


What is everyone else reading this month?


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